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Artist Bio - Priscilla H. Clark

Artistís Statement


In the year 2000, when I was in my mid-seventies, I met Sylvia Brofos, New Hampshire watercolorist and teacher par excellence. I said to her: "In my next life I want to take up painting." Her reply: "I have one place in my beginnerís class." Thus began a new chapter in this life. I have always been involved in music and theatre, but had never held a paint brush. Sylvia has been my teacher ever since. Many of the paintings in this show are the product of her classroom and guidance.

Two years ago I went to Tuscany as part of a summer workshop run by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It was my first multimedia experience and led by well known artist Julia Graham. Several of my paintings from that wonderful adventure are included here.

Last summer my husband and I drove two teenage grandsons across the USA, stopping in historic and scenic places along the way. Pictures of a few high points are on the walls.

California, where I was born, and to which I have many ties, is also included in this circle. I am in the middle of a project to paint all the twenty-one Franciscan Missions along the EI Camino Real. Only one is included here, but scenes of their natural surroundings in California show part of the Mission pilgrimage.

In the past year I have also worked in multimedia with Kim Roth who has been a wonderful teacher and advisor. Recently I have begun to study oil painting. I am currently working with Joe Bladja at the Kimball-Jenkins School of Art.

If I were to give this exhibition a title it might be, "The Search for Beauty and Wisdom in the Golden Years." To my teachers I am so grateful --- and to family and friends who are amazed at my new venture, I thank you for your support. Painting is a great gift to my life.

 February 2007

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