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Old Dam

by Judy Bline


The dam we see from the bridge in Contoocook is one of the remaining mill dams that were so necessary for power in the early days.


It is not known exactly how old the dam is, but speculation would have it that it has been there since the very early 1800's if not before.


A. Col. E. C. Bailey became the sole owner of the water power at Contoocook in 1875, and the mill dam was reconstructed in 1883. Walter S. Davis purchased the whole power operation in 1887 except for the saw mill of Frank I. Morrill. In 1896 Mr. Davis joined Addison Kingsbury to form the Kingsbury-Davis Machine Company. About 1893 they moved their business from Davisville to River Street in Contoocook. A three story wooden building was constructed using the dam and water wheel for all the necessary lights and power.


About 1921-1922 the wooden dam was cemented. The dam has not been used for power for years, but the scene from the bridge is enjoyed by everyone.


The townspeople watch the water flow change with the seasons and just enjoy its beauty.


Judy Bline

Park Avenue


Quilt square of the Old Dam

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