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Contoocook: Place of the Crows

by Ms. Ruth Ropes


It is generally believed that "Contoocook" means "Crow Place" or "Place of the Crows" in the language of the Indians who formerly lived hereabouts. They are said to have camped often on the banks of the Warner River near where it joins the Contoocook and to have left there many artifacts which have been picked up. The descendants of the crows for whom they named the place are still with up even though the Indians have disappeared.


It has also been claimed that "Contoocook" means "Place by the River" so I have put in a bit of the river too. At this late date, however, almost anyone could claim that "Contoocook" meant almost anything in Indian and who could authoritatively dispute him?


Someone thought it was "The Meeting Place of the Crow Indians" but since the Crow Indians lived on the far Western plains and then moved into the Rocky Mountains that does not seem likely.


So I give you crow birds that are trying to take over while the Indians are off somewhere, perhaps fishing in the unpolluted river.


Ms. Ruth Ropes

Maple Street


Quilt square of Contoocook: Place of the Crows

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