The Hopkinton Town Library Presents:

The Contoocook Village Quilt

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Adams, Sue - The Fountain

Aslinger, Evelyn - A & P Store

Barnard, Helen - Foster Barnard Residence

Blanchard, Ruth - Contoocook Railroad Station

Bline, Judy - Old Dam

Bohanan, Jeanette - Bohanan Farm

Brown, Jessie - Baptist Church

Brown, Mildred - Methodist Church

Buttrick, Madeline - Grange Hall

Clearner, Jean - Sullivan's Residence

Cluff, Mary Ella - Post Office

Coen, Sarah - Bates Library

Cressy, Nancy - Baptist Church

Currier, Doris -

    Old A & P Block

    Perkins Manor

Davis, Judy - The Bank Block

DePinto, Harriet - Kingsbury & Davis

Donahue, Caroline - Community Center

Donahue, Jean - Mt. Lookout House

Falzone, Sylvia - Hopkinton Fair

French, Nan - Village Christmas Tree

Gaskill, Lucille - High School

Golic, Pat - Hopkinton Dam

Graziano, Dotty - J. Howard Lightfoot's Residence

Grenart, Beverly - Grenart House

Hall, Alyce - Mildred Reid's Writers' Colony

Hall, Hally - Memorial Day Parade

Holmes, Joan - George's Park

Holmes, Laurie - Hopkinton Telephone Office and Hopkinton Police

Houston, Eveline - Houston Farm

McCabe, Barbara - The Bank Block

Mayfield, Ruth - Baptist Church

Milne, Doris - St. Mary of the Assumption Church

Miner, Norma - Old Contoocook Fire House

Murphy, Mary Ann - New Church

Ovendon, Rosalie - The Kimball Nursing Home

Ray, Barbara & Kathy - The Nostalgic Country Store

Ropes, Ruth - Contoocook: Place of the Crows

Sanel, Pat - Reed's Store

Sawyer, Jean - Amesbury Swimming Hole

Smith, Barbara - Horace Stanley Residence

Wright, Louise - Shell Garage

Wright, Wynna - Children