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The Fountain

by Mrs. Harold W. Adams


There isn't much written about the fountain. We know that it replaced the pump that stood in the center of town. We also know, from pictures, that it was there in the late 1800's.


It is known that the oxen used to come and drink from the basins on the fountain. When there was no longer need of water in the basins they were then planted with flowers.


The fountain was rather large, elaborate, and made of cast iron. Several people believe that it was taken down during the war and used for scrap metal. However, contrary to belief, we do know for certain, from old town records, that it was sold in 1947 to a man by the name of H. Lewis for $20. No one seems to know anything about Mr. Lewis or what became of the fountain.


Contoocook has been called "the meeting place of the crows" simply because the crows would congregate on and around the fountain.


The Contoocook Woman's Club is raising money to put a fountain back in the center of town.


Mrs. Harold W. Adams

Amesbury Park


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