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The Contoocook Village Quilt

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Just for Fun!

Did you know:

that Doris Currier was the first quilter to finish a square, Eveline Houston was second?

that Dr. Lightfoot did the sketch for his own square?

that Harriet DePinto dipped her material in tea to get the right yellow for the Kingsbury and Davis building?

that there are 15 animals on the quilt, not counting the animals in the Hopkinton Fair square?

that Sylvia Falzone cut up her son's shirttail for her merry-go-round horses?

that Sylvia had to wash her square and it shrunk?

that Norma Miner finished the firemen's square while flat in bed?

that there are only two skies on the whole quilt that are the same color blue?

that Sue Adams pictured a simple little thing when she said she would do the fountain?

that there are at least 40 figures in Hally Hall's Memorial Day parade?

that Ruth Blanchard portrayed her father as stationmaster in her square?

that Doris Milne said more than any other quilter that she was never going to make it, and came up the a 3-D square?

that the cow's tail on Eveline Houston's square is probably the most handled part of the quilt?

that Caroline Donohue last her square for awhile when she moved?

that the racehorse is going the wrong way?

that many of the animals portrayed are personal pets of the quilters?

that the cat in the window at the bank belongs to Candy Garvin?

that Ginny Herrick sat up in a tree to sketch Lord's house?

that many families were moved to the kitchen table for meals, as the dining room table was covered with pieces of material and work that couldn't be disturbed?

that some of our friends were in danger of losing perfectly good clothing to our scissors?

that our families after watching the growth of our squares hated to see up turn them over to the quilt?

that each husband secretly felt that his wife's was the best square?

that only about three of us had seen a quilting frame?

that it was forbidden to prick your finger and bleed on the quilt while sewing it together?

that the yellow material that frames the quilt squares is a sheet?

that we all gave a tremendous sigh of relief when we took the last stitch?

that the quilt was completed in three months?

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