The Hopkinton Town Library Presents:

The Contoocook Village Quilt

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Georges Park by Joan Holmes

Dr. Lightfoot's Residence by Dottie Graziano

Catholic Church by Doris Milne

Telephone Office and Police by Laurie Holmes

Perkins Manor by Doris Currier

A& P Store by Evelyn Aslinger

Contoocook: Place of the Crows by Ruth Ropes

Grange Hall by Madeline Buttrick

Kinsbury & Davis by Harriet DePinto

Old Dam by Judy Bline

Nostalgic Country Store by Barbara & Kathy Ray

Bank Building  by Judy Davis & Barbara McCabe

New Church by Mary Ann Murphy

Horace Stanley House by Barbara Smith

Sullivan's House by Jean Clearner

Community Center by Caroline Donohue

Reeds Store by Pat Sanel

Fountain by Sue Adams

Railroad Station by Ruth Blanchard

Houston Farm by Eveline Houston

The Grenert House by Beverly Grenert

West Hopkinton Bridge by Sue Dresher

Old Fire Station by Norma Miner

Old A & P Block by Doris Currier

Memorial Day Parade by Hally Hall

Post Office/ Back of N.H. by Mary Ella Cluff

Bates Library by Sarah Coen

High School by Lucille Gaskill

Mildred Reid's Writers' Colony by Alyce Hall

Amesbury Swimming Hole by Jean Sawyer

Shell Station by Louise Wright

 Kimball Nursing Home by Rosalie Ovendon

Methodist Church by Mildred Brown

Children Ice Skating by Wynna Wright

Foster Barnard House by Helen Barnard

Richard Lord Residence by Ginny Herrick

Mount Lookout by Jean Donahue

Hopkinton Fair by Sylvia Falzone

The Village Christmas Tree by Nan French

Bohanan Farm by Jeanette Bohanan

Baptist Church by Nancy Cressy, Jessie Brown, and Ruth Mayfield

Hopkinton-Everett Dam by Pat Golic