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The Horace Stanley Home

by Mrs. Robert Smith


This home was built around 1760 and was situated where it is now before the township of Contoocookville was formed. Timothy Emerson is the first known tenant. He was Mildred Raymond's great-grandfather, and she remembers being told he returned to this place in 1763 after fighting in the French and Indian War in Captain Gages' company.


The house was vacant for years and was used for storage; the grounds were used for pasture1and. The next known owner was Mr. Stanley's great- grandfather, Charles Clough. During the late 1800's, this house was used for apple storage by Mr. Burt Blanchard.


Sometime after this the barn had collapsed and some of the boards from the original barn were used to restore the roof and part of the house.

The heirs of Charles Clough sold the house and property to Jessie and John Nelson in 1910. Then Jessie Wardsworth Burns attained property in 1917. She sold the property to Florence Hall in 1921. Later the property was divided between son Lawrence and daughter, Esther Hall Wheeler. Lawrence sold out to Esther in 1933.

Walter Wheeler inherited property when Esther died. He turned it over to Vivian Krueger, his widowed mother, in 1948.


Then, in turn, this estate was sold to Harold Martin in 1953. At that time the land went to the lakeshore, northwest of the standing home.


The house and 3 1/3 acres surrounding it was sold to Horace Stanley in 1954.


Mrs. Robert Smith

Kearsarge Avenue


Quilt square of the Horace Stanley Home

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