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The Houston Farm

by Mrs. T.C. Houston


The T. C. Houston farm off Pine Street in Contoocook was known years ago as the Cyrus Duston farm. The "big" barn burned in April of 1908 and was replaced by a larger structure, the present barn being 100 feet long and 45 feet high. It originally had a large ell running toward the north which was taken down and much of the lumber used to build the large porch which is on two sides of the main house. The smaller barn which was once the horse barn, now used as garage, tool room and wood shed, is better known as "the red bard" although it has been painted white for years. The Houston's purchased the farm in October 1931. About two years after, it became Houston's Dairy and for about 30 years many "Tookie" children grew up on Houston's milk. "School bussing" has also been a way of life here fore over 40 years.


I have enjoyed making this quilt square and have had some help and many comments from husband, children and grandchildren.


Mrs. T.C. Houston

Bookkeeper and School Bus Driver

Pine Street


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