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Memorial Day Parade

by Mrs. Parker W. Hall


This parade is back when the big elm tree shaded the center of Fountain Square.


Each Memorial Day the Women's Club planted and tended flowers (marigolds) in the circle beneath the tree. The parade marched around the square and over the bridge to George's Park for the Memorial Day exercises.


If space allowed I would have included everyone. However, we have the firemen, their color guard and some of the band. Also the old fire engine. Next are the Boy Scouts with one little Cub Scout marching along proudly besides his older brothers. They are followed by the Girl Scouts and Brownies. At the end is the antique car, sponsored by the Women's Club.


Of course, in any small town the boys and dogs always follow the parade. They don't want to miss any of the fun.


Mrs. Parker W. Hall

Rockwood Circle



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