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New Church

(Swedenvorgian Church)

by Mrs. Frederic Murphy


The building which now houses the Yankee Book Peddler and the Country Scholar was erected in 1837 during a revival of Universalism in New Hampshire. During its early years it was known as Union Meeting House.


Later in 1851 it became the property of the New Church or Swedenvorgian Society, which was founded through the missionary labors of the Rev. Abiel Silver, native of this town. Under his ministrations the Union Church which had stood for years unoccupied by any society became a place of weekly worship with people attending from many surrounding towns. He continued to preach until 1858. Rev. Charles Hardon was the regular minister after 1871.


By 1946 the congregation had dwindled and the building was sold to the American Legion.


The clock on this church was known as the town clock and for many years it sounded the passing of the hours in the village.


Mrs. Frederic Murphy

Pine Street


Quilt square of the New Church

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