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Perkins Manor

by Mrs. Doris Coen Currier


This large stately manor was called The Larz Anderson estate. It can be seen as you cross the bridge in Contoocook Village.


This house was built on land purchased from the Indians. It was built in 1825 by Roger Eliot Perkins. He was the grandfather of Commodore Perkins who was born here in 1835. The Commodore was Mrs. Larz Anderson's father. He was greatly praised for his services while in the navy. A bronze statue has been erected in his honor on the State House grounds in Concord. This is how the house got its name, Perkins Manor.


Mrs. Larz Anderson opened the house to the public for a few summers. As you walked through the front door you saw a beautiful stair­way and an elaborate, crystal chandelier. The stairs were carpeted with bright red, thick carpeting. On each side of the hall was a formal parlor. One parlor was lavishly decorated in red velvet with beautiful antique furniture. The other parlor was done in blue velvet. From the blue parlor was a large dining room, furnished with beautiful antiques. There were swinging glass doors from the dining room to a butler’s pantry. The big brass pipes in this room caught one's eye. They were polished to perfection.

The kitchen was very large with many shelves, a large cupboard and a large pantry. Upstairs there was a spacious hall. From it were four equally spacious bedrooms, each one elegantly furnished.

It was a pleasure to visit this regal mansion. When you left you could not help but feel the grandeur and beauty that was in this house.

Perkins Manor is now an apartment house and consists of eight apartments.


Mrs. Doris Coen Currier


Quilt square of Perkins Manor

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