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Hopkinton Police

by Ms. Laurie Holmes

The policeman and the little boy in this square represent the police services to the town.

Until 1964 this consisted of the town constable whose duties were part-time and matters requiring his attention were conducted from his own home.

In 1964, Dana Daniels became the first full time police chief. A new office was built in 1971 and the department has grown to 4 full time officers and 6 part-time officers. James Hargrove is now serving as Chief of Police.

Hopkinton Telephone Company

The first telephone office in Hopkinton was opened in 1884 in a store belonging to Kimball and Co. Another office opened in the depot at Contoocook the same year.

The first "independent" company in this town was incorporated as the Hopkinton Telephone C. in 1907. For years the telephone office was in the home of William Blake on Pine Street.

In 1959, dial operation came to Hopkinton. A new, modern office was built at that time and in 1962, Concord exchange became available to Hopkinton residents.

Ms. Laurie Holmes
Penacook Road


Quilt square of Policeman in front of Telephone Office

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