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Post Office

by Mrs. Roy Cluff


The first post office in Contoocook was established on March 5, 1831. Probably the postmasters used their homes as offices until about 1869 when the office was located in the northern end of the Groverner Curtice block (now owned by J. F. Kirk, Inc.). Later it was moved to the Railroad Station. In October of 1892 the office was moved back to the Kirk Building. In the southern end this time. Here it remained until December 29, 1958 where the new building was built by Tom Astles. It is presently leased from him.


In 1951, when Al Hankins started as a mail carrier, the post office handled mail for about 700 people. Now 3,000 are served by this post office.


Following is a list of all the Contoocook Postmasters:


  • 1831-1840 Thomas Burnham

  • 1840-1844 Charles A. Savory

  • 1844-1849 Frank R. Fuller

  • 1849-1853 Hamilton E. Perkins

  • 1853-1861 Isaac D. Merrill

  • 1861-1869 Ira Dimond

  • 1869-1871 Stillman C. Davis

  • 1872-1877 Joab Patterson

  • 1877-1885 Edward W. Stevens

  • 1885-1889 John A Fuller

  • 1889- ???? Amos Currier

  • 1905-1908 William Patterson

  • 1908-1912 John A. Fuller

  • 1912-1913 Frank I. Morrill

  • 1913-1921 Irving Hicks

  • 1921-1934 Lloyd S. Everson

  • 1934-1937 John E. Bean

  • 1937-1944 Joseph Hazeltine

  • 1944-1967 Miriam C. Emerson

  • 1967-unknown Albert L. Hankins


My thanks to Ginny Herrick for her drawing of the building, without which I'm afraid the Post Office would not have been recognizable.


Mrs. Roy Cluff

Pine Street



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