About the Quilt

This quilt was created during the winter of 1974-75 by the Friends of the Bates Library and other interested women. The quilt consists of 42 squares, each depicting a different building or scene of historic or current significance to the Village. Each quilter wrote a short essay commenting on the quilting process and about the scene displayed in her square. The quilt now hangs in the Hopkinton Town Library, Contoocook, New Hampshire 


About the Quilters

Read about the quilters who came together nearly 30 years ago to create the Contoocook Village Quilt. Read the "Just for Fun" section to learn even more about the quilters.



About the Project

Read about the making of The Contoocook Village Quilt digital library. This project was created to fulfill the course requirements of a graduate level course at Southern Connecticut State University ILS 655-70, Digital Libraries, Fall 2004, Dr. Yan Liu, Instructor. Copyright November 2004 Bobbi Lee Slossar


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