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The Shell Garage

by Mrs. Thomas A. Wright


In one way or another, the buildings which comprised the old Shell garage, depicted in my square, have always been involved with transportation. The larger, back portion of the building was originally a livery stable, and was connected to the hotel which is now the "Contoocook Manor" by a series of carriage sheds. When automobiles became popular, the stables were converted to a garage and general repair shop. They were owned and run by Hazen Bartlett. The body shop of the garage was located further up Main Street, almost directly across the road from where I now live.


In 1908 they began pumping gas at the garage, and in 1915 the front part of the building was added on as a showroom for "Whippets, " "Overlands," and "WIllis Knights."


Jack Putney bought the garage in 1921, and ran it for thirteen years. Mr. Putney died in 1934, and while his estate was being settled the garage was run by Hiram Conant, who had worked there since graduating from mechanics school. In 1935 the garage was bought by Hiram Conant and Lewis Nelson. Mr. Nelson also owned the Telephone Company, and for several years ran the business office from the Shell garage.


Mr. Conant and Mr. Nelson owned and ran the station for twenty-three years. In April of 1958 it was sold to Richard Coen and George Barnard. Seven years later, in1965, Mr. Coen sold his share to Mr. Barnard, and it is Mr. Barnard who operates the Shell garage today.


In October of 1972 the old buildings were demolished, and the more functional ones which stand there today, erected.


Mrs. Thomas A. Wright

Main Street


With many thanks to Mrs. Hilda Conant for her pictures and remembrances and to Richard and Sarah Coen for their help with this script!


Quilt square of the Shell Garage

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