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Sullivan's House

by Mrs. Peter Clearner


This is John and Anne Sullivan’s house. It is over 200 years old and is probably the oldest house in Contoocook. The barn and barbed wire fence has since been town down. A breezeway has been added. Mr. Sullivan, who is an architect, has also added an office and garage to his home.

Joseph Eastman was the first owner and one of the original settlers of the Town of Hopkinton. Records in the Town history show him to have been in residence prior to 1748. he is listed as one of the original proprietors under the privileges of the Mason Grant in an instrument certifying the same, dated November, 1762. The house was passed on as follows:

  • Benjamin Eastman from Joseph Eastman, June 1, 1802

  • Moses Eastman from Benjamin Eastman, September 25, 1806

  • David Eastman from Moses Eastman of Boscawen, February 20, 1817.

  • Eliphalet M. Morrill from David Eastman, Estate April 7, 1828.

  • David Moody from Eliphalet M. Morrill, May 23. 1834 also

  • (David Moody from Asa Kimball, September 22, 1836, “Quitclaim”)

  • Ezra Buswell of Warner from David Moody, September 22, 1836.

  • Joseph S. Marriman of Weare from Ezra Buswell, March 8, 1842.

On January 13, 1844 there was an agreement made between Thomas Eaton of Weare and Molly Eaton of Hopkinton. Thomas for consideration of love and affection for Molly, his daughter, released to her the use, occupancy and improvement of his house and outbuildings situated in Hopkinton and land West of the buildings from the NW corner of the barn, Southerly of the highway to a stake 3 rods West of the willow tree; also the fruit of 2 apple trees standing nearest to the barn for use and during the term of her natural life, with the following exception: It was under­stood that if Molly died before Thomas did or any other contingency should happen depriving him of a home elsewhere then the above lease or obligation would be void.

  • Samuel Colby from Joseph S. Harriman of Northfield, November 20, 1846.

  • On March 27, 1861 Samuel Curtice of Windsor, Vermont paid $1000 to Samuel Colby from about 3 acres with buildings.

  • Samuel Curtice to Israel Drown on May  6, 1863.

  • Israel Drown to Leonard Noyes on May 4, 1869,. By will of Henry Andrews sold to George Blood, April 28, 1897.

  • (George Blood Died 1939.) William Baker, Administrator estates of Lillian Chase to Lewis Dayton, 1939.

  • Lewis Dayton to John Bull, 1946.

  • John Bull to Avard Milbury, 1948.

  • Avard Milbury, to Ed. and Marion Ernst, 1950.

  • Ed. and Marion Ernst to Arthur and Katherine Lawson, April 8, 1955.

  • Arthur and Katherine Lawson to John D. and Anne Sullivan, November 1958.

I would like to thank Mr. Floyd D. Hastings and Mr. John D. Sullivan for their help in preparing this history.

Mrs. Peter Clearner

Woodland Drive



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