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The Village Christmas Tree

by Mrs. Wayne French


Our tall and stately Christmas tee, in spite of its height, has been in its mini-park spot for about a dozen years.


For years the precinct used to buy trees to put in Fountain Square. To many this seemed a waste of money when we could have a lovely growing one.


A Mr. James Dalby had planted trees along the Grange Picnic area in George's Park. As the trees grew they had to be thinned out. About this time a prominent Contoocook resident, Louis Nelson died. His daughters approached the Park Commission and said if they were going to dispose of the culled trees in George's Park why not plant one in the mini-park in front of Perkins Manor in memory of their father. This was done. Now we have a lovely growing tree that, except for this year and the energy crisis, has been aglow with beautiful lights every Christmas.


Mrs. Wayne French

Park Avenue


Quilt square of the Village Christmas Tree

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